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          Welcome to Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd.
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          2020.10.29. India-Filling Machine-Shipment

          India picks up 2 filling machines

                The machine can adjust the required filling speed at any time and is equipped with a mobile vibration source. The frequency of vibration can be adjusted by the frequency modulation controller to meet the needs of tap density. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, no contact contact, users can easily adjust and fill the machine according to the production of components of different lengths. 

          (1) According to actual production needs, it can be designed as 24 stations or 36 stations, with PLC numerical control touch screen operation.

          (2) One set of tooling for each diameter, change the diameter to replace the tooling.

          (3) The maximum pipe diameter can reach Φ12.7mm.

          Filling machines can generally be customized according to customer requirements


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